Be CarefuL !! Consumtive Syndrome's Spreading !!

December 30, 2009

. . . . . "Mom !! Look this !" said Mira to her mother. She is showing a new type of Blackberry on her magazine. "Mom, do you know that this PDA is so sophisticated than mine. its speed to browse is very fast. it has many fitures i like so much. would you buy this for me?" asked mira after explained its specification like a SPG. "But Mira, dont you remember that your dad had bought you a new PDA with the same merk as gift of your birthday? isnt enough, baby?" answered mother. "but, Mommy.. that was too old ! too bad ! its so so different with this new, and you know, all my friends had bought it, i will be so poor using that ugly PDA around them. So, buy it please ".

What's UR mind about short dialogue above? Umm. . .maybe some of you'll concluse that mira's do just waste money. Yupz, I agree with you. Or in a simple word, we can say that Mira is "CONSUMTIVE". Here we'll discuss all about Consumtive.

The word consumtive means a pretension of a person to consume things that actually less-important in big quantity. and the aim is to get maximum satisfaction. Look this illustration below :
A woman has Rp 600.000, then she uses Rp 400.000 to buy her daily needs. when she goes home and passes jewelry, she was attracted by a luxurius ring with price Rp 500.000. She know that her money is still Rp 200.000, so that she uses her money from credit card to complete the payment.
The woman above include to consumtive. However, she didnt think about her money. she just want a ring that actually is less important thing, in fact she doesnt has enough money to buy it.
And you know? this adjective can be very very dangerous if we become it as our habit. Unbelieve?? Let's prove it !!
Now, Imagine that you are the woman above, and your habit to be consumtive is always on ur self. One day you're walking around fashion festival, when you see an attractive goods or nice goods and you dont have enough money, so I'm sure that you will do everything, everyways to get it. There are only two choice, true way or wrong way that will deliver you to police office ??
It signs that consumtive habit is not only causes economy problem, but also society, psicology and ethic ones.

Here we had learnt all about consumtive and its dangerous. So, we as teenager must be careful with consumtive syndrome. But maybe it can be a new problem for teens to avoid from consumtive. Because the relation between teens and consumtive is near, slurr to like milk coffe. Even less teens that live in city, mall had became their second home. it is because teens always want to follow trends and the consumtion pattern of a person formed in teen-age. Besides that, there are also other teens adjectives make them consumtive, like :
> teens are easy to influenced by advertisement
> teens want people to recognize their existence
> teens are not realistic sometime
> teens often be extravagant to manage their money
> teens are in self identity search progress
Actually, consumtive isnt always bad if it can controlled well. But, it can be a big problem if it makes an expenditure bigger than entering. Indonesian people unfold it as "Lebih Besar PASAK daripada TIANG". If it happens, so just be ready to see that your wallet is in empty-condition.

Below are some tips to prevent your wallet in empty condition :
* write goods you want to buy and always bow to the list
* dont bring a lot of money. just bring money as you need.
* avoid to use credit card. it doesnt mean that you're forbidden take ur money from credit card
but use it just for a very important needs
* dont go shop when you're sad or bored because it can make you're easy to influenced
* always think practise before buy something or you can ask ur self, do i need this goods or is it
very important for me? ur answer will determine all

Besides those tips, one thing that very important to avoid consumtive, it is
"apply a simple and economical life"

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