Enjoying weekend in Jatim

March 11, 2010

I was surprising by Mr. Bobby’s voice, our tour guide. I just realized that it was early morning. I looked on my watch, and it showed 5.25, so I had slept for 8 hours. I still remember when my daddy, my sister and I came to the front of my dad’s office where this bus park to start our trip last night. Huuh, I was not patient to enjoy my weekend there. Yeah, today is the 1st day of my trip to Jatim. I had prepared all things I need to have fun there.

“Tes..tes..” Mr. Bobby tried his mike and woke all passengers up, my daddy and my sister woke up too. “Ok, Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How about your sleep ? I hope you all could sleep well last night and feel fresh today. Well, now we are in edge of Surabaya city and wait a moment we will pass Suramadu bridge, the most expensive technology project of Indonesia.” When the bus passed Suramadu bridge, I could see the beautiful scenery below this bridge, many ship lamps shimmered everywhere. I could also see the bridges poles. These are very big and high.
After enjoying view in Suramadu, we continued our walk to graha wisma Remaja Surabaya for transit. Along the walk, I really enjoyed the view of Surabaya city, However it’s the first time I visit there. Surabaya city has many high and big buildings, many histories of Independence of Indonesia, and there is a huge mosque with its amazing architecture. And I just knew that it is the biggest mosque of Asia Tenggara. Wow, how proud Surabaya’s people have it.
We reached Graha wisma Remaja at 6.00, we took a bath and breakfast there. Then, we went back to the bus and ready for the next destination. Mr.Bobby greet and inform us about the destination we will visit today. Along the walk, Mr.Bobby told some folklores of Surabaya. These really entertained us.
Lapindo’s mud dike is the first destination today. I went down the bus and walked to the top of the dike until I could see its mud steamed and I thought it must be so hot. I couldn’t imagine if it touch people. Huuh, What a frighten disaster it is. Although like that, but I could see the spirit of disaster victims to continue their life. They sold all things they made their selves. Like VCD of Lapindo muds disaster, some snacks and etc.
After seeing the bad condition in Lapindos mud dike, we continue our journey to Malang. We left Surabaya and went to Malang for the next destination.

Welcome to Jatim Park !! We’re welcomed by its friendly staffs. They gave us personal bracelet and it must used while we are in Jatim Park area. Jatim park is so different with Ancol. Its not only has many play area, but also educations one. For the first step, we’re welcome by the 4th big Gong of Indonesia. Then, we entered Indonesians cultures room.

Here, we could see many custom clothes and special characteristics of every region in Indonesia. For the 2nd room is for biology, physic and chemistry learning. There, we could see the shape of persons organ clearly and their functions. We also saw the big periodic unsure system that always confuses me at chemistry lesson. And for physic, we are so attracted by many technologies showed there. Next is agriculture section. In this enough yard, there are many plants and their explanation below them. Not only familiar plants, but also strange and rarely plants plant there. Near the agriculture section, we found history learning section. Here, we welcomed by many miniature temples in Indonesia. There’s also diorama of independence of Indonesia. Out of the diorama, we attracted by cutes pet and some tame animals. And this is the last of education part in Jatim Park. But, don’t worry. Still there many games we could play and large swimming pool there. I think it’s the most complete recreation place I ever visit.
The day become darker, it signs that it will be rain. My dad, my sister and I went back to the bus fast. And its time to went to hotel for break. Not long time, we reached a hotel with nice view in Pandermans mount valley, Monalisa hotel. Its air was fresh and the water was so cold so I couldn’t take a bath this evening.
My dad called me and I just realized that it was the second morning of my visit in Jatim. I took a bath, breakfast and ready for the next destination. When my dad, my sister and I went to the bus parking, we saw many seller sold their apples and some snacks made from apples. I remind something, “….Malang is famous for its apples, People call Malang as Switzerland of Indonesia because of its best quality apple production……” Yeah, lets shop apples !!
We went back to the bus and listened to Mr.Bobby’s explanation. We will go to Safari Park II in Prigen and shop at Tanggul Angin, bag and shoes center in Surabaya.
Safari Park 2 in Prigen is not so different with Safari Park I in Cisarua, Bogor. It has many same collection of animals, fresh air and nice scenery. The special characteristic of Safari Park I and 2 is on its welcome gate. These shapes are like elephants ivory.
After looking all animals in Safari Park 2, we went on Tanggul Angin. It is rather like Cibaduyut, Shoes center in Bandung. Actually, there were many attractive shoes and bags with low price and good quality, but they were not suit with me. They were not teens mode and I didn’t like it. So, I just bought a small nice purse for my mother, small cute bag for my sister, some pins for me, a nice belt for my brother and a jacket for my dad.
And the last destination is Putra Jaya Resto, a Restaurant that not only served its delicious foods and drinks, but also sold special souvenirs from Jawa Timur. It located in the front of Wisata Bahari Lamongan Recreation. There I bought a special clock and some turtle key hooks for my best friends. After do maghrib and isya pray, we were ready to back to our lovely small city, Demak.

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